Weather in Cyprus in June: The beginning of the heat

The weather in Cyprus in June is definitely hot. It’s the beginning of the heat, and temperatures rise each day. Most people wear shorts and t-shirts during the day, but it can get a bit chilly at night so you might want to bring a light shirt. The beach or water parks are definitely the places to be during the weather in Cyprus in June! 

The weather in Cyprus in June. Oroklini
The weather in Cyprus in June. Oroklini

How is the weather in Cyprus in June? 

The weather in Cyprus in June is simply beautiful. Especially for those who love the heat.

  • Generally: sunny and hot
  • Day Temperature: 30-40 °C
  • Water temperature: 20-30 °C
  • Sun: 100% sunny
  • Rain and clouds: It could be rained for 20 minutes.
  • Sunset: at 20:15

What clothes to wear in June? 

What clothes to take on holiday according to the weather in Cyprus in June? There is only one answer – easy. Take swimsuits, light T-shirts and dresses with you. shorts. Take all summer, as it will be hot. Sometimes it happens that the humidity on the island rises and the feeling of heat becomes even greater.

We definitely advise you to take hats, and light shirts to cover your shoulders and head from the scorching sun.

We understand that you really want to get a beautiful tan at the end of your vacation, but don’t worry, even just walking around the city you will get it.

What shoes to take with you? We recommend something summery. For example, sandals, and slippers.

In sneakers, you may already be hot, and if we talk about sandals with heels, then they may not be so comfortable either. The leg in hot weather becomes a little larger and it is very difficult to shove it somewhere :D. This is in simple words.

Nights during the weather in Cyprus in June

Nights in June are generally very warm. It’s hard to sleep at night without the air conditioning on.

So you don’t need jackets or warm clothes. Maximum – you can take a shirt. Even in trousers, it will be hot.

In general, according to the weather in Cyprus in June, you can start to change your schedule to night, as the air temperature drops at night, you can calmly walk and enjoy the island.

Going to the beach in June

The weather in Cyprus in June accompanies a beach holiday. June is just the beginning of summer. The sea gradually warms up and by the middle of the month, you can enjoy swimming in hot water, regardless of the time of day.

Weather in Cyprus in June
Weather in Cyprus in June

The temperature of the water of course depends on the currents of the water. If we are talking about Fig Tree beach, then you should not wait until the water warms up there. The water temperature on this beach is always refreshing, even during very hot months such as July and August.

In general, the sea has a very pleasant temperature this month. We advise you to sunbathe better in the shade, under an umbrella, for example. And it’s not a joke 🙂 Tanning really lies on the body under an umbrella, so do not forget to roll over, because even there you can burn out.

What to do in June in Cyprus?

The sea is already getting warmer, so swimming and sunbathing this month is a must. Try also scuba diving, free diving, or snorkeling. There are many places in Cyprus where you can scuba dive and look at the underwater world. After all, here you can see not only beautiful fish, seahorses, and sea urchins, but also turtles. Sometimes it even happens that you manage to get very close to them and touch them.

Quad biking is also very attractive in June. Probably in Ayia Napa, this will be the easiest to do, since many moves on them, all car drivers drive more carefully since many who ride ATVs do not know the rules of the road.

It is also a great time to visit the water park. There are three of them in Cyprus, so we advise you to read about the one closest to you and plan your trip.

The weather in Cyprus in June. Larnaca
The weather in Cyprus in June. Larnaca

If you are traveling with children, we definitely recommend visiting water parks, as we think they will not be interested in other entertainment programs, and it will not be comfortable for you to walk in such heat.

So, summing up our suggestions for what to do in June

– a trip to the water park

– ride quad bikes

– diving, snorkeling

– swim and sunbathe

The most useful schedule of the day: in the morning you can enjoy the cool sea, have breakfast, go to sleep in the afternoon, and in the evening go for a walk or go to the sea to the beach, catch the sunset light :D.

Seasonal vegetables and fruits in June in Cyprus

Not sure that hotels always change the menu according to the season and seasonal vegetables and fruits. Therefore, if you came to Cyprus and settled in a hotel to experience what Cyprus is like in June to the fullest, we advise you to go to a vegetable or fruit store and buy fresh vegetables and fruits that are currently on sale. Pay attention that “Cyprus” is written as the country of origin.

This month, the following fresh vegetables and fruits will be waiting for you:

– avocado – very soft, green-yellow in the middle, you can cut it and spread it on bread like butter.

Avocado in Cyprus in June
Avocado in Cyprus in June

– cherries – sweet, dark red in color, very large in size.

Cherries in Cyprus in June
Cherries in Cyprus in June

– watermelon – is red, sweet, and very refreshing just in this weather

Watermelon in Cyprus
Watermelon in Cyprus

– melon – sweet. But this is just the beginning of the melon season, so it can be greenish and hard inside.