Long term rental in Cyprus. Pros & Cons. Our experience

Long term rental in Cyprus is a good solution if you are planning to move to the island or stay here for a long period of time. There is nothing special here; long term rental in Cyprus looks the same as in other countries, maybe even simpler.


We will try to cover all issues related to long term apartment rental in this post so that you know what to expect. And there’s really nothing to worry about since in principle you shouldn’t have any problems finding and renting accommodation in Cyprus.

Long term rental in Cyprus. Cozy home
Long term rental in Cyprus. Cozy home

Where to look for long term rental in Cyprus

Finding a good deal on an apartment on the island is a challenge like probably everywhere else. The location of the apartment or house may be good, but the interior itself is a bit old or everything is really bad there.

Although the island is small, it is better to decide approximately where you will look for housing. This will simplify your search, and save time and money on gasoline when you go to viewings.

Therefore, it is probably better to first choose the city or area where you would like to live. To do this, you can even live for a couple of days, and if there is such an opportunity, then weeks and months in different places, or where you plan to stay for a long time. Since this will be a long term rental in Cyprus in the future, it is better to find a really comfortable place to live.

Once you have decided on a city or area, we would advise using all possible methods to search.

Long term rental in Cyprus. Our Sticky
Long term rental in Cyprus. Our Sticky

Locals are your friends

For long term rental in Cyprus you can ask the locals. When visiting cafes and restaurants, do not hesitate to ask the waiters about housing that may be rented somewhere nearby. In Cyprus, many people know each other, so there is a high probability that if someone is renting out an apartment, you will quickly find out about it.

This is also a good way to really find a nice option at an affordable price. Since you and the landlord will not need to pay a realtor, at least you can save money on this.

Long term rental in Cyprus
Long term rental in Cyprus

Also, a recommendation from a friend or neighbor is often a good option. Especially if you have a complex request, for example, you are looking for accommodation where pets are allowed.

In general, we turn on your charisma, and all your extroversion and go to local establishments to make contacts and talk about your search.

Bazaraki – local site for finding accommodation

Bazaraki is a very convenient place to find housing, for any purpose, be it long term rental in Cyprus or short-term or buying a home. For all inquiries, you can go here.

This site is simple and convenient. Here you can open a map and immediately see where the housing is located and what its price is. It’s also convenient that you can set filters and specify the price range for housing.

Almost all advertisements have photographs, which makes it possible to filter all apartments according to your preferences.

Often, apartments from realtors are displayed on this site, but all this is written in the description of the ad.

Facebook, social networks, Telegram channels

As we wrote earlier, you can use all options. For example, on Facebook, just by going to the marketplace you can already find some offers. Or find the community in your country, add to their telegram channels, and search there.

This is a very good method since you will immediately contact the landlord without intermediaries and will be able to avoid additional waste.

Long term rental in Cyprus. Tangerines in your garden
Long term rental in Cyprus. Tangerines in your garden

Long term rental in Cyprus. What documents are needed

In Cyprus, in principle, renting an apartment for a long time is not a complicated process. You do not need a bank account in Cyprus to rent an apartment; they don’t even check your visa or right to stay on the island. The main thing that is important for the landlord is that you are solvent and can confirm this.

That is, to draw up an agreement with the landlord you will need:

  • your passport or ID if you are from the European Union
  • proof of work, income, whatever, the main thing is that it shows that you have and will have enough money to pay for housing.
  • the payment itself may also be a deposit in the amount of one or two rents. There may also be a fee to the realtor in the amount of a month’s rent.

Finding accommodation in Cyprus with pets

Long term rental in Cyprus with animals is difficult to implement, but possible.

This does make it quite difficult to find accommodation on the island. Although the residents here love animals very much, they still worry about their homes and therefore not everyone is ready to take such a risk. Therefore, probably, like in all other countries, you need to negotiate with the landlord. Offer to write into the rental agreement that all damage will be either compensated or corrected. Or you can offer some kind of security deposit in advance.

Long term rental in Cyprus. Home office
Long term rental in Cyprus. Home office

To be honest, we do not have such experience, but we have seen that people find and somehow come to an agreement. so we are sure that you will succeed :).

Pros and cons of long term rental in Cyprus

Like everything in this world, long term rental in Cyprus contains both positive and negative aspects. We will try to describe all the relevant ones. Let’s start with the positives, of course.

Advantages of long term rental in Cyprus

  • By renting a home for a long time, you avoid high costs for a realtor and some commission fees, for example, Airbnb.
  • Saving on transportation of things and furniture.
  • Saving time and energy searching for new housing every month
  • It is possible to rent housing on good terms and at a discount by paying a couple of months in advance
  • Of course, you get a feeling of home and comfort, since this vest will be with you for a long time.
  • It is convenient to rent an apartment without furniture and arrange it for yourself. It may be cheaper, just a little more energy-intensive, since you will then have to look for all the furniture yourself
  • In case of missing furniture or electronics, you can buy everything at once and not think about it every time you move to a new home
  • Gives you the option to get a Pink Slip or a Yellow Slip as it is one of the required documents for this.

Information about Pink Slip in details:

Cyprus PINK SLIP. What it is. How to get a “Pink Slip”?

  • Gives you the opportunity to open a company on the island. Which many people take advantage of, since in Cyprus the tax is only 15%, which is much less compared to other countries.
Long term rental in Cyprus. Enjoying our rooftop
Long term rental in Cyprus. Enjoying our rooftop


  • Often you acquire a large number of things, after living in one place for a long time.
  • You are not mobile. And having signed a contract for a year with the landlord, and then wanting to move, you will have to take into account the fact that you will not get your deposit for the apartment back.
  • You need to immediately choose the best possible apartment with the conditions that suit you, it’s good to check that everything is working properly since this will be your place to live for a long time.
  • If the number of family members increases, for example, the birth of a child, you need to understand that if the apartment is small, you did not take this into account in advance, then again a problem with mobility arises
Long term rental in Cyprus. Apartment buildings could be different
Long term rental in Cyprus. Apartment buildings could be different

Our experience

Moving to the island, long term rental in Cyprus was a clear decision for us. We understood that this option suited us both in terms of money and in terms of registration and obtaining a residence permit. Also, an apartment was an important point for opening a bank account. And in principle, we love the feeling of home, we love comfort and coziness, and long-term rental housing provides us with this.

During our stay in Cyprus, we changed three apartments. They are all located approximately in the same area, because, having visited other cities, we realized that this is ideal for us.

We really like the Oroklini area near Larnaca. It’s quiet here, close to the sea, where there aren’t many people. There are shops with local products. In general, we feel good here.

We also looked for housing through friends. And we managed to find our first two homes. We have already found the third one through the bazaraki website.

The reason for changing apartments was always the same. Landlords, having received the amount for rent and signed a contract, forgot that they needed to maintain the apartment in good condition. Promises to fix a closet that was broken before us became just promises.

Long term rental in Cyprus
Long term rental in Cyprus

Not everything cannot be noticed immediately and taken into account. Or you need to live to understand that this is not yours. For example, you won’t know about noisy parties under the windows or drunk neighbors at first. Especially if these festivities are seasonal, only in the warm season, and the contract was signed in the winter. But of course, this had its own special charm :).

We don’t regret anything about this. We had our own unique experience. And every time we found better options, as we always strived for something better.

We hope this was a little helpful for you. We also hope that if you are looking for long-term rentals in Cyprus, you will finally find yours, good, high-quality, and cozy.