The best Italian restaurant in Larnaca. DIVINUS vs Pizzeria 485°

As we wrote earlier, in one of our articles about Italian pizza, this is not the most common dish on the island. And finding a good Italian restaurant here in Larnaca is not easy. You can take a look and read our experience with finding Italian pizza, maybe it will be useful to you somehow.


In Larnaca, at the moment we have found only two such places. If you know more, please write to us. We, as true food lovers, will be very grateful.

Well, there are two Italian restaurants in Larnaca: DIVINUS and Pizzeria 485°.

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Italian restaurant in Larnaca. DIVINUS. Cyprus
Italian restaurant in Larnaca. DIVINUS. Cyprus

DIVINUS – Italian restaurant in Larnaca

This Italian restaurant lured us with its location, beautiful interior, and then, as it turned out, delicious food. But let’s get it right.

The location of one of the Italian restaurant in Larnaca is really very good. It is located at the end of Mackenzie Beach. Also nearby is Larnaca Airport.

Sitting on the terrace of this restaurant and eating delicious pizza brings the greatest pleasure. We like to drink wine here in the late evening when it is already dark, or a cappuccino in the early morning and watch the planes landing in the sky. Since DIVINUS is located right next to the Larnaca airport fence, the planes will fly close and will be clearly visible. It’s like sitting and watching a movie, you don’t even have to raise your head up.

Italian restaurant in Larnaca. DIVINUS. Cyprus
Italian restaurant in Larnaca. DIVINUS. Cyprus

The interior is also very cozy. We were inside the restaurant just in the winter (since in the summer you can only lure inside with air conditioning and cool air), and it seemed to us very warm and comfortable here, although the place is not small, quite spacious. Perhaps this is because there are soft sofas and armchairs and everything is done in warm beige and brown colors.

In DIVINUS there is an oven behind the bar, where they cook this delicious pizza, and you can watch it :).

Pizza at DIVINUS

Italian restaurant in Larnaca, DIVINUS, and its pizza we think are worth your attention. It’s just perfect.

We tried Margherita, Zola e Mele Verdi, Carnivora, Prosciutto Cotto e Funghi. All are delicious, but there are certainly favorites among them.

Margherita pizza is perfect. It has the right amount of cheese and tomato paste. This is such a classic Margarita pizza.

Italian restaurant in Larnaca. DIVINUS. Cyprus
Italian restaurant in Larnaca. DIVINUS. Cyprus

“Zola e Mele Verdi” is very interesting and specific. The base of the pizza is a white sauce, topped with apples, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese. Somehow, apples are still delicious on pizza, but the walnut seemed superfluous and interrupted everything a little. We tried a similar one in Kyiv in Ukraine (Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza), only there was a pear instead of an apple and pine nuts instead of walnuts. To be honest, the one with the pear is much tastier. If you are in Kyiv, be sure to try it. This is a dump head.

“Carnivora” – tomato-based pizza is super meaty, it seemed a little salty to us. But if you like meat, all kinds of sausages, we think you will like it.

“Prosciutto Cotto e Funghi” is a pizza where everything is in moderation. There is meat and mushrooms here, and it is not salty. This is one of our favorites, along with Margarita.

Our visit

We ate at the Italian restaurant DIVINUS in Larnaca a couple of times. One of them we ordered takeaway food, and once we ate in the restaurant itself.

Italian restaurant in Larnaca. DIVINUS. Sitting on the terrace. Cyprus
Italian restaurant in Larnaca. DIVINUS. Sitting on the terrace. Cyprus

When we were ordering takeaway, our food was ready in 20 minutes. Perhaps they cook so quickly, or maybe it was a late winter evening and there were very few visitors. In any case, it was nice. We also received a large bottle of S.Pellegrino water as a gift with our order. Well, a big thanks to them.

When we came to eat at the Italian restaurant in Larnaca, everything was perfect too. Our orders came out one by one. We felt like we were guests in a good restaurant. We changed plates and cutlery when changing dishes. This is how we noticed it because if anyone has been to Cyprus, they know that plates are not changed in all places :).

It was good to sit on the terrace, look at the planes, at the people who also came to see the planes.

This is a full-fledged Italian restaurant in Larnaca, so on the menu, you can find a lot of pasta and a lot of salads, risotto, meat dishes, pizza, calzone, and desserts. There is also a large selection of wines on the menu. Prices are moderate, such as in the whole of Cyprus.

Italian restaurant in Larnaca. Pizza. Cyprus
Italian restaurant in Larnaca. Pizza. Cyprus
  • Pizza – 8 – 15 €
  • Bruschetta – 4 € (price for three bruschettas)
  • Caprese salad – 12 €
  • Risotto – 14 €
  • Spaghetti carbonara – 14 €
  • Tiramisu – 5.50 €

DIVINUS opening hours

  • Tuesday – Sunday 13:00 – 22:00
  • Monday – day off

Where is DIVINUS located?

DIVINUS is located in Larnaca, near Mackenzie Beach, namely at 2 Tasos Mitsopoulos Avenu, 6028.

Pizzeria 485° Italian Restaurant in Larnaca

Now let’s talk about Pizzeria 485°. The Italian restaurant Pizzeria 485 ° is located in Larnaca, in the very center, not far from Finikoudes.

This Italian restaurant in Larnaca is quite small. Inside the restaurant, there is an oven where pizza is baked. Basically, all the tables are located outside, there are only a couple of tables inside the restaurant. But that doesn’t stop this place from being popular.

Italian restaurant in Larnaca. Pizzeria 485°. Cyprus
Italian restaurant in Larnaca. Pizzeria 485°. Cyprus

Since we were here in the winter and tired after work, we decided to take a pizza to go. And we think a lot of people do.

And we think it’s a great alternative. Here, for example, nearby, as we wrote earlier, is Finikoudes beach. Order a pizza, walk 5 minutes, sit on a bench overlooking the beach and the sea and enjoy pizza. In the late evening, you can sit and look at the stars under the sound of the sea. And at lunch, if we are talking about wintertime – soak up the warm rays of the sun and look at the seagulls. In the summer, of course, at lunchtime, you can’t sit on a red-hot bench, in 40 °C heat, especially with hot pizza :D.

Pizza at Pizzeria 485°

The range of pizza here is large, and the prices are very reasonable. Neapolitan pizza with tiger sides and toppings in moderation.

We have tried Margherita here, 4 cheese pizza (Quadro Formaggi), “Massirali”, “Montagne”.

DIVINUS vs Pizzeria 485°, Larnaca, Cyprus
DIVINUS vs Pizzeria 485°, Larnaca, Cyprus

Margherita is perfect, although it is probably difficult to spoil such a pizza.

Quadro Formaggi is also very tasty here. You must have tried it elsewhere. Pizza has a lot of cheese, everything we like :).

“Massirali” is our favorite. The pizza base is delicious, creamy, and tender thanks to the mascarpone cheese. It is much softer than in Quadro Formaggi and not at all salty. Prosciutto Crudo is added on top of the pizza, which complements it perfectly.

“Montagne” – this pizza is also worth a look. For the base of the filling, tomato paste is used, and in addition to it, there are red onion, smoked pork, basil, and mozzarella. Everything is very balanced.

Our visit

This Italian restaurant in Larnaca (Pizzeria 485°) is very popular. Here, it is believed that they prepare the most delicious pizza in the city. We decided to check it out.

We ordered pizza over the phone and within 15 minutes it was ready. On the lid of the pizza box, it was written that it is desirable to eat pizza hot, what we did. In principle, there is nothing more to write, because we ate at home :).

Italian restaurant in Larnaca. Pizzeria 485°. Cyprus
Italian restaurant in Larnaca. Pizzeria 485°. Cyprus

The menu of the Pizzeria 485°, an Italian restaurant in Larnaca only includes pizza. Pizza prices range from 8€ to 11€.

  • Margarita – 8 €
  • “Massirali” – 11 €
  • “Bianca” – €10.50
  • Pizza 4 cheeses (Quadro Formaggi) – 11 €

Opening hours Pizzeria 485°

  • Tuesday – Sunday 17:00 – 23:00
  • Monday – day off

They have recently made some small changes to the opening hours of the restaurant. So now it works also:

  • Friday – Sunday 12:00 – 15:00

Where is Pizzeria 485° located?

The Italian restaurant Pizzeria 485° is located in the center of Larnaca, in the Q City Center, or at D.N Dimitriou 11.

Where is the best Italian pizza in DIVINUS or Pizza 485

It’s hard to say where the pizza is better. Both DIVINUS and Pizzeria 485° are very tasty. If we talk about our preferences, we would probably choose pizza at Pizzeria 485°. We liked the toppings on this pizza. It was more balanced in taste and ingredients. But this is so if it’s already too picky :D.

Well, let’s summarize.

As you remember, DIVINUS is located near Mackenzie Beach and Larnaca Airport. What makes it attractive to visit. There is also plenty of space and tables inside. In general, we are talking about a large restaurant, with a large terrace. The restaurant is open from lunch until late evening, which is very convenient. Another advantage of this place is its full menu. Here you can order not only pizza but also snacks, main dishes of Italian cuisine, desserts, and dishes for children.

Italian restaurant in Larnaca. DIVINUS. bruschetta & Caprese salad. Cyprus
Italian restaurant in Larnaca. DIVINUS. bruschetta & Caprese salad. Cyprus

If we talk about Pizzeria 485°, then this is a small cozy establishment, which is located in the city center, surrounded by other establishments. The restaurant is not rich with a lot of tables and there is little space. Pizzeria 485° is more suitable for dinner, as it is open in the evening, and on Fri-Sun also at lunchtime. But pizza is prepared quickly and tasty, for which people come here again and again.

We hope it was helpful. And you make a choice, go enjoy pizza yourself or in a circle of close people and Bon appetite!