Moving to Cyprus. Tips, recommendations. Our experience

Moving to Cyprus is easy or difficult, it all depends on the situation, what you expect to get from the island, what your plans are for the future, and what budget you have at the moment. But if you put all these points aside, then picking up and moving doesn’t sound so scary.


What to expect from moving to Cyprus?

Of course, as in any other situation, if you move to Cyprus, to another country, to another city, to a new area, or even to another apartment in the same building, a number of problems and questions may arise. After all, when we move, we often expect something. And often these expectations are the expectation of something pleasant and positive. And of course, there will be problems, but just moving somewhere new sounds positive. And we hope that you will associate your moving to Cyprus with something pleasant.

Moving to Cyprus. Life in Nicosia
Moving to Cyprus. Life in Nicosia

Therefore, it is best, of course, not to expect anything, but to be prepared for changes. For example, when moving to an island, it would be good to get acquainted with its culture, what language they speak, and some of the basic rules that apply here.

The most basic points you need to know before moving to Cyprus:

Road traffic

Driving here is on the left. We think this is important to know before moving to Cyprus because if you’re not coming here from the UK, you’ll need to readjust. And even if you don’t drive, at least understand how to cross the road and which way to look first. It didn’t come to us right away; it turns out that the habit of looking first to the right and then to the left is not so easy to relearn.

Division of Cyprus

The island is divided into two parts: Turkish and Greek (Cypriot). They are directly separated by a border with border checkpoints. To avoid problems in the future with traveling to other countries, we strongly recommend entering the island through the Greek part.

Moving to Cyprus. The sea in Ayia Napa
Moving to Cyprus. The sea in Ayia Napa


Three languages are spoken here. In the Greek part in Greek and English, and in the Turkish part – in Turkish and English.

Relocation between Turkish and Greek sides

When moving from one part to another you need to go through border checkpoints; only your valid passport will be enough, but be careful that some of them (border checkpoints) may be from the UN, that is, British. This means that if you are not a citizen of the European Union, and you do not have a British visa, then passage through this border control will be prohibited for you (oh, it will be fun :D). Read more about this in our article on border checkpoints.

Cyprus border crossing
Cyprus border crossing

Everything that you need to know about border crossing.

Read it here: Cyprus border crossing: How to get there, Rules & More


When moving to Cyprus, you probably need to take into account the weather conditions. Summer here begins at the end of June and lasts until the end of October. Summer is hot, very hot, so you need a lot of summer clothes and look for an apartment with good air conditioning. Winter in Cyprus lasts from January to March. The weather in winter depends on the wind. If it’s not there and the sun is shining, then it’s warm. Even in a T-shirt, you will be comfortable. If there is a strong wind, then it is cold, piercing to the bones, and even the sun cannot save you. In this case, you need a long down jacket.

Moving to Cyprus. On the way to Turkish side
Moving to Cyprus. On the way to Turkish side

Plug sockets

Moving to Cyprus will require purchasing adapters or electronic devices with the correct type of socket.


The food in Cyprus is delicious. There are a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy products. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater, moving to Cyprus will be comfortable in terms of food. Many restaurants prepare vegetarian dishes; there is also a lot of fish, delicious lamb, sheep’s cheese, and goat’s milk.

Also here on the island, there is a high probability that you will be able to buy your favorite products from the higher country.


It all depends on where and how many people are planning to move to Cyprus. Today, in 2023, the rent for an apartment with one bedroom and a living room will cost approximately on average 600 – 2000 euros. It all depends on which area you plan to rent an apartment. Will it be far or close to the sea, and what quality of repairs would you like to receive? Of course, you can rent it for more. There is no limit anymore.

Documents that you probably need for moving to Cyprus

If you are a citizen of the European Union, then you can live in Cyprus without any additional documents. But if you want to settle down, or get the right to come to the island at any time, regardless of whether, for example, there are Covid restrictions or not, then you will need a Cyprus resident card (Yellow Slip). If you are not a citizen of the European Union, then you will need to get a Pink Slip before receiving the Yellow Slip. Read more information here.

Cyprus Pink Slip – How to get it? And everything about it.

Read it here Cyprus PINK SLIP. What it is. How to get a “Pink Slip”?

Driver license

For non-EU citizens, after 6 months of stay in Cyprus, you will have to apply for an internal driving license. For citizens of the European Union, everything is very simple – you can use your own.

Purchasing electronic devices

There is no good news here. When moving to Cyprus, it is better to think about how best and where to buy electronic devices. Here, because it is an island, there is a very limited variety of electronic devices. It also needs to be well-checked for quality. And there are a few stores where you can buy them.


People are different, just like everywhere else. There are very friendly ones, there are those who do not like tourists or strangers. And there are those who are simply tired of the heat and do not want to strain to say hello and smile.

But we can say for sure that if you find a common language with them, then these people will be like family to you.

We are also sure that many people from your country are already in Cyprus, so maybe this will make it easier for you to adapt.

Moving to Cyprus. The walk in Larnaca
Moving to Cyprus. The walk in Larnaca

Travel outside of Cyprus

The location of Cyprus is very good. If you suddenly get bored and want a change of scenery. Or you need to travel for work or business to Europe. It’s very comfortable to do this from the island. Tickets are pretty cheap. Low-cost airlines fly between European cities and Cyprus every day. It is also convenient to visit countries such as Israel (the flight will cost you 23 euros), Armenia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates.

Travel around Cyprus

Cyprus is beautiful and different. Knowing the uniqueness and subtleties of the area, you can use it to your advantage and enjoy every day. For example, there are places where the sea is very warm, like tea. We really love swimming there in the evening or at night, it’s just bliss. And there are places where the sea is refreshing even in very hot times. For us, this is some kind of salvation during the daytime in the summer. We love swimming there, looking at the fish while cooling off our bodies.

Moving to Cyprus. The center of Larnaca
Moving to Cyprus. The center of Larnaca

We would recommend visiting all the cities on the island, as they are unique and interesting in their own way. The island also keeps its history.

Our experience with moving to Cyprus

Everything didn’t work out immediately for us, but it worked out. It was not easy to open a bank account and there were problems getting Pink Slip and Yellow Slip. That is, everything is like all people – there were problems and we gradually solved them.

Such problems are best resolved through lawyers. Take my word for it, this way you will save yourself nerves and time. But yes, it will be a little expensive, approximately 700 euros per person.

We had problems finding housing, but we successfully found it and moved on. As a result, we changed 3 places of housing. We also lived in a complex with a swimming pool, but it felt like you were living somewhere on the outskirts, in a field. In principle, it was so. That’s why we later moved a little to the city. It was more comfortable because we lived as if in a separate house, with access to our own roof. We won’t say that everything is perfect. Since the house is located in the city center, there are many taverns and restaurants. In the summer, music plays very loudly, and people dance, sing, and sing karaoke. Sometimes it’s hard to relax and fall asleep, but we manage somehow.

Moving to Cyprus. Chilling at the pool in our complex
Moving to Cyprus. Chilling at the pool in our complex

There are also problems with purchasing electronic devices on the island, as we described above. We have been looking for a good keyboard, computer and everything else for a long time. But everything is possible thanks to Amazon and DHL service.

We also adapted to the food on the island. How they cook here and what. I really liked the moussaka and of course the lamb. We figured out where, when and what products are best to buy.

In general, there are no problems, but they can all be solved. We like the sea, we like the food, we like the lightness and relaxation. All this appeals to us and as long as we feel good here, this is our home. For now, we’re good :).

If you are reading this post, you are probably already interested in the island or are interested in moving to Cyprus. In any case, we wish you success!