Groceries in Cyprus. The list of the best places

Are you headed to Cyprus and wondering where the best places are to buy your groceries? Maybe you’re already living in Cyprus and want to make sure you’re shopping at the right spot. Whatever brought you here, we have just what you need – a comprehensive guide to the best places to buy groceries in Cyprus! Of course, this will be exclusively our experience, our places of purchase of products, but we think that they will be quite useful for you as well.


Intro to groceries in Cyprus

Groceries in Cyprus is an adventure like no other! With a range of local markets and specialty stores available throughout the island, you can find just about anything your heart desires. From fresh produce to delicious meats, you’ll be able to create delicious meals for any occasion. Which store is best for you depends on what type of items you need as well as the prices. If you’re looking for vegetables, it’s often recommended to check out the local markets or small shops like Frutaria, which offer vegetables harvested from local farms. For meat, there are a few good shops and butcher shops worth checking out in order to find quality cuts of beef, pork, and lamb. Whether you’re a regular grocery shopper or a casual cook, understanding the landscape of groceries in Cyprus before heading off will ensure your shopping experience runs smoothly!

Let’s say right away, there is not a single store in Cyprus where you can buy everything of good quality. Well, if not, if you go to Alfamega, there is of course almost everything, but whether everything is of the quality you want, that’s the question.

It’s also cool since people from different countries live in Cyprus, there is a high probability that you can find shops that sell products that you are used to buying in your country. It is very nice because we can feel at least a little at home thanks to this.

Where to buy fruits & vegetables in Cyprus

Do you want to buy fresh and tasty vegetables in Cyprus? There are many great places to choose from. Many supermarkets such as Lidl and Alfamega have a wide range for you to choose from. Farmers’ markets can also be a great choice – plus you get to really take your time and pick exactly what you need. In the beginning, we usually suggest that you try them all yourself and see which places suit you best. Of course, we will now give an example of our places, but our needs and requests may be different, so you are still the guide.

List of groceries in Cyprus where to buy fruits & vegetables:

  • Local market – The price is almost the same as everywhere else. The only thing that can be inconvenient is paying in cash and for example in Larnaca, it’s open on Saturday only.
  • “Frutaria” – It’s a little bit cheaper than in other places.
  • “Kritikos cash & carry”
  • “Prinos farm & deli”
  • “Alphamega”
  • “Olimp”
  • “Lidl”
  • “Zygos”

Groceries in Cyprus. Where to buy meat in Cyprus

If you want to buy meat in Cyprus, you certainly can’t go wrong with the local grocery stores. But if you choose the highest quality and most useful, then you need to search a little.

Each store offers something a little different in terms of fit, breed, and price, so take the time to compare the options before you head to the store. For example, if you are looking for organic or grass-fed meat, the easiest option and most appropriate is to buy lamb. Almost all butcher shops sell it. If it’s something else, like veal and chicken, it’s better to find sellers you trust. Especially when choosing chicken.

Let’s also consider local meat products. We are talking about sheftalia. If you are a meat eater, not a vegetarian, then we highly recommend you try it. Try it first somewhere in a restaurant, and then we suggest you cook it yourself. More precisely, buy a ready-made product and simply cook it on the grill. If you can find a good butcher who makes them delicious, with the seasonings you like, you will be very satisfied.

List of places to buy meat:

  • A. & K. Cash & Carry Supermarket
  • Prinos Farm & Deli
  • Meat the boys
  • The Ribeye Club
  • butcher shop
  • Alphamega
  • Lidl 
  • Gourmet 

Groceries in Cyprus. Where to buy fish in Cyprus

Cyprus is considered a fishing country, as it is an island where a lot of fish is caught. Therefore, fish is popular here. One thing we do not understand is the big difference in the price of fish in a store and in a restaurant. Let’s give an example. In the store, you can buy yourself a Dorado fish for 5 euros a piece. And in one restaurant we paid 50 euros for the same. To be honest, I was very surprised at the time. This is to say that even though there is a lot of fish here, it does not mean that it will be cheap, at least in restaurants.

Let’s get back to the fish :). When choosing a fish, we advise you to ask whether it was fished in the sea or grown artificially. We consider this important because the fish caught in the sea is of great value to our bodies.

Also, if you are not a fan of cleaning fish, everything is provided here. It will be cleaned and washed for you. It remains only to cook it deliciously.

The fish and seafood stores here at a very nice price. The fish is always fresh. But in order to buy the freshest, we advise you to visit the fish markets where fishermen sell their catch.

List of groceries in Cyprus where you can buy fish:

  • “A. & K. Cash & Carry” 
  • “Prinos Farm & Deli”
  • “The Ribeye Club” 
  • The fish market near seaports
  • “Alphamega”
  • “Lidl”

What else can you find at groceries in Cyprus

When shopping for groceries in Cyprus, you will find many shops with different offers. From fruits and vegetables to spices, breads, meats, cheeses and more, no matter what kind of cuisine you like, grocery stores in Cyprus have a lot to offer. You can also find some special products; many shops have specialty products or ready meals that give you the opportunity to experience the culture of this island even more. For those who love to cook, there are endless possibilities to diversify their dishes. Whether you’re looking for classic products or local favorites, go beyond the basics and explore what each store has to offer.

Therefore, try different fruits, vegetables, you may like them. We recommend using different spices. For example, in the northern part of Cyprus, such a spice as cumin predominates. And in the south .. we won’t even say, but we noticed that in restaurants they like to add cilantro or mint to dishes.

There are a lot of spice shops in Cyprus, although the easiest way would be to just buy in one of the grocery stores.

Also, do not forget about alcoholic beverages. Wine, zivania, sherry, ouzo. We advise you to try everything if you drink alcohol.

Pros and Cons of the different groceries in Cyprus

When it comes to grocery shopping in Cyprus, there are many options such as vegetarian shops, local markets, and supermarkets. Each has its own pros and cons when it comes to the cost and freshness of the ingredients sold. For example, buying vegetables at Fruitaria not only allows you to get a product of the same quality as in a supermarket but can also be cheaper, given the seasonality of many products. In addition, local markets offer a unique way of shopping by providing access to seasonal fruits and vegetables, while most supermarkets stick to the usual items. When compiling grocery lists, it’s important to compare the different places available so you can get the best deals and also have access to high-quality ingredients.

Our own list of groceries in Cyprus and what we are buying there:

  • Frutaria – fresh local fruits and vegetables, cheaper than in other places
  • A. & K. Cash & Carry Supermarket – fruits and vegetables, you can also buy berries such as blueberries, and blackberries.  Superfoods
  • Prinos Farm & Deli – exotic fruits and vegetables, superfoods, dairy products, tea, dried herbs, chamomile, nuts, etc.
  • Meat the boys – meat, meat for steaks
  • The Ribeye Club – fresh and vaccinated meat, meat for steaks, frozen wild salmon, tuna
  • butcher shop – shevtalia, eggs 
  • Alphamega – fresh meat, fish, fresh and frozen berries
  • Lidl – yogurt, sour cream, marzipan in chocolate
  • OLIMP – Borjomi, mineral water, sweets, sour cream, cottage cheese, kefir, Georgian wine 
  • Gourmet – sweets, salty pork fat 
  • Fahrenheit Bakery – bread, croissants, pastries
  • Zorbas Bakery ΖΟΡΠΑΣ – cookies
  • Paul’s Coffee Roasters – coffee, special tea

Tips for making smart decisions during shopping for groceries in Cyprus

Shopping for groceries in Cyprus can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re not used to the particular grocery stores in the area. Nevertheless, by doing a little research ahead of time and using some savvy grocery shopping tips, you can save yourself time and money while getting higher-quality products. For example, it may be tempting to head straight for the chain supermarket for your groceries, but researching more locally-owned grocery stores can lead to fresher produce and cheaper prices. Similarly, when shopping for meat it pays to look around for specialty (or traditional) butchers where you can get quality cuts of meat at better prices than the supermarket can offer. Finally, don’t forget to check out local farmer’s markets – both for offering great prices on local farm goods as well as giving you an opportunity to support your local farmers!

Grocery shopping in Cyprus can be an adventurous trial. Although there are limits to what you can buy and where, you still have many options to explore. From traditional markets and chain stores to discount warehouses and organic shops, there are plenty of places to purchase your home goods. With a bit of knowledge and understanding of each store’s pros and cons, you can become an experienced grocery shopper in no time! So whether you’re after the freshest vegetables or want to buy meat in bulk at a discounted rate, the grocery stores of Cyprus offer it all – good luck on your quest for tasty ingredients!