Airalo esim: 5 pros of Airalo esim in Cyprus

If you are looking for a new way to save money on your phone bills, Airalo esim may be the perfect solution for you! Airalo esim is a new service that allows you to make calls and send text messages at a fraction of the cost of traditional cell phone service. In this blog post, we will show you how to install and use Airalo esim in Cyprus. We will also discuss the pros and cons of Airalo, and give you a promo code to get 3$ for free for your airtime!


What is it esim you can read here.

We also have already the description of the other esim – RedteaGo. Read about it.

Later we will write the comparison of RedteaGo and Airalo esims :).

Airalo promocode (referral code):

For your first Airalo plan you can use this promo code TANIA5113 to get 3$ for free. It sounds not so bad, yes? 🙂

After signing up, you will get your own referral code that you can share with your friends. Read more about this in the pros and cons of using Airalo esim below.

How to install and use Airalo esim

Installing Airalo esim is simple and only takes a few minutes. First, you will need to purchase download, and install the application Airalo. Once you have installed the Airalo app, then you need to choose your esim plan from available plans, pay for it and that’s all. You can use it already. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? We will describe everything in steps as well.

Downloading Airalo esim
Downloading Airalo esim

How to start with Airalo esim in steps

  1. Install the Airalo app on the device.
  2. You can get 3$ extra if you use this referral code TANIA5113 during your signing up or checkout.
  3. Sign up for Airalo by providing your email address.
  4. Choose the esim plan that you want to purchase and proceed to payment. Unfortunately, we had a problem with the payment via Apple Pay, but it’s still possible to do by just adding your card information.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email once your payment is successful.
  6. Now you can start using Airalo esim! You need to go to “My eSims”, choose your plan, and activate it. Don’t worry before activation you will get a good explanation of how to do this. It’s really simple.
  7. That’s all. Now you can start to use it.
Airalo. How it looks like
Airalo. How it looks like

Our experience of using Airalo esim

We have been using Airalo esim for about two weeks now, and we are pretty happy with the service. The quality of the calls is good, and the text messages are always delivered quickly. The Internet is also working well.

We have not had any problems with the service so far, and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to traditional cell phone service.

We also checked, and guys from support replied very fast. Almost in few minutes after we send them the message, we got an answer. It was unexpectedly good :).

But more about pros and cons read later.

Pros of Airalo esim

PRO: Airalo esim is much cheaper than traditional cell phone service, and you can save even more money by using and sharing your referral code! Every time you are sharing the code with another person, you and this person are receiving 3$ to your accounts.

PRO: The most interesting feature of using Airalo esim is getting a 5% cashback to your Airmoney wallet.

PRO: Airalo esim has no contracts or hidden fees, so you can cancel your service at any time.

PRO: Airalo has different plans: local, regional and general. It means you can control where you need your esim.

Airalo esim. Airmoney wallet.
Airalo esim. Airmoney wallet.

Cons of Airalo esim

CON: Airalo is not yet available in all countries, so you need to check the plan you are choosing before your travel. You can do this on their website.

CON: We discovered that if you are using this esim, for example, for FaceTime calls, every 4-5 min the call can be canceled. It seems that the application is controlling the amount of Mb you spent during the call and does not allow you to spend more than 4Mb by one call. But we believe that you can write to Airalo support and ask them for help. Actually maybe for someone, it will be even the PRO, as you will definitely not spend all your data during calls :D.

Airalo. Be connected while you travel
Airalo. Be connected while you travel

Airalo esim in Cyprus

Airalo esim is currently available in Cyprus! You can check the plans here. The most popular plan is the 7 days plan, which gives you 1GB of data for $9 per month.

Airalo Local plan
Airalo Local plan

But the most favorable plan is the Regional Plan for Europe. Just check the prices below. For 1GB you need to pay just 5$ instead of 9$.

Airalo Regional plan
Airalo Regional plan

Conclusions. Our tips for using Airalo esim

  • If you are planning to use Airalo esim while traveling, we recommend checking the coverage in your destination country before you leave.
  • For Cyprus we checked it’s better to choose the Regional plan, as it’s drastically cheaper and more comfortable, as you can travel around Europe and don’t worry about searching the internet at all.
  • We also recommend downloading the Airalo app before you travel, as it can be difficult to find a reliable Internet connection in some countries.
  • When signing up for Airalo, be sure to use our referral code TANIA51133 to get an extra 3$.