Casino in Cyprus: Everything you need to know

As you already know, there are many different kinds of entertainment in Cyprus. So let’s pay attention to the casino in Cyprus. You can visit them both in southern Cyprus and in the Turkish part of Cyprus. Most of them are located close to hotels, making it easy for visitors to come and spend time there without worrying about getting home after playing slot machines or blackjack. Almost all casinos are open 24 hours, but some of them are open from 12:00 to the morning (usually from 3:00 to 4:00).

Casino in Cyprus. Balconies in Nicosia
Casino in Cyprus. Balconies in Nicosia

Sometimes we like to go to the casino, to feel its atmosphere. Honestly, luck often did not smile at us, so we are not frequent visitors :D. But for the sake of feeling that you are in a casino, for the sake of a carpet under your feet, or to hear the sounds of machines, we come.

Of course, casinos in Cyprus are different from casinos in other European countries! But it’s still interesting! The casino has a variety of slot machines, poker tables, and more.

Well, not everything is perfect. The casino is expensive and we cannot afford to go there every day or twice a week. But once every couple of months, to feel the atmosphere in a casino, you can come and spend some money on slot machines, or whatever you like. We like to play blackjack, for example.

Smoking is also allowed in some casinos. If you are a smoker, this is good news for you. We do not smoke and this is a minus for us, but what can we do, the atmosphere of the casino is like this: D.

A bit of Cyprus casino history

In Cyprus, everything is done to make tourists feel comfortable. Since the main income in Cyprus is from tourists. On this island, as we have described earlier, you will find a lot of entertainment for different ages. There are many water parks, historical sites, club life. The Cypriots also decided to entertain their guests with the help of the casino.

In northern Cyprus (the Turkish part of Cyprus), casinos have been popular for over 40 years. They belong to different companies and are located mainly near hotels. We visited a couple of them, we liked it, but more about that later. 🙂

In the southern part of Cyprus, casinos were banned until 2015. Then they decided to remove it and began to rebuild these gambling places for entertainment. On June 28, 2018, the first licensed casino in Limassol Cyprus Casino C2 opened. It opened in test mode. In the first three weeks, more than 34,000 people visited this casino. The Cypriots realized that this business was profitable and in demand by tourists. And after that, every couple of months, a new casino was opened in different cities of southern Cyprus.

Casino in the south of Cyprus

There are currently 4 casinos in the south of Cyprus. They are located in the major cities of the island: Limassol, Paphos, Nicosia, Ayia Napa.

The casino in the southern part of Cyprus, as we wrote above, is owned by one company, the Melco group.

On the one hand, you can see many advantages in this approach. For example, if you came to Paphos on vacation, you decided to visit a casino. You have issued a club loyalty card, started playing and accumulating points. And suddenly one day you decided to go to Nicosia for a couple of days. There is also a casino of this company. This means that you do not need to waste time issuing a new card. Come in, play, try your luck. Also on the territory of the casino, there are the same restaurants, the same slot machines, and gaming tables. The rules will be the same everywhere. In principle, it is convenient.

 On the other hand, if the casino is owned by one company, there is no competition, which means that development and improvement will be slower. But this is just our opinion.

Casino in Cyprus. Nature, Limassol
Casino in Cyprus. Nature, Limassol

Casino in the north of Cyprus (Turkish part of Cyprus)

In the north of Cyprus, visiting a casino seemed more interesting for us. Since they all have different styles, different designs. This is a matter of taste, of course, but since we come there for fun, we like to see something new. Even a different pattern on the carpet :D.

In the Turkish part of Cyprus, casinos can be found not only in big cities but also in villages. Most of them are not even shown on the map. We are surprised by the number of casinos there.

We visited two casinos in the north of Cyprus, namely Nicosia. These are the casino at the Grand Pasha Nicosia and the casino at the Merit Hotel. We have written more information about them here.

Casino during the coronavirus pandemic

The casino operates during the coronavirus as before. You can play all the games you want. They also say that everything is carefully treated with a disinfectant.

Due to the increased incidence, they added some changes to the entry rules. In the southern part of Cyprus, at the entrance to the casino, you will be asked for a negative test for COVID-19, or SafePass, or a certificate of vaccination. And in the Turkish part, it all depends on which casino you go to and what rules apply there. In one, only a negative test for COVID-19 may be asked. In another – only a certificate of vaccination, a negative test will not be enough. These are the things. So before heading to the casino, it would be good to know the entry rules. Also, we wrote more information about COVID-19, about rules during the coronavirus pandemic in Cyprus here.

So we wish you all good luck and a good card while playing, no matter which casino you decide to visit :).