Larnaca beaches

On the coastline of this city, you can see three sandy Larnaca beaches. Each of them is unique and awaits its guests. They have one thing in common, this is that they are considered city beaches, so there will be many restaurants, cafes, and clubs next to them. It is also very easy to get to them since the roads are all asphalt. Larnaca beaches delight guests with the availability of parking. So if you suddenly have been walking around the city for a long time and are tired of the heat, then quickly run to the beach, and before that read on which one to run. :).

Larnaca beaches. Airplane above Mackenzie beach
Larnaca beaches. Airplane above Mackenzie beach

Larnaca beaches: Mackenzie Beach

Mackenzie beach is sandy, sand of volcanic origin. It is quite windy here, but the seawater is warm. The entrance to the water is shallow.

Where is it?

Mackenzie Beach is approximately 6 km from Finikoudes Promenade. It is special because it is located near the Larnaca airport. So close that it is adjacent to the airport fence and you can see the runway.

Restaurants, cafes, and beach clubs

There are restaurants, cafes, and clubs along the entire beach. There are different restaurants with different cuisines here. You can eat both burgers and sushi and Greek or Cypriot cuisine. Somewhere before 12:00, establishments only offer breakfasts, and then the main menu.

So you can call this beach an urban, partying. Basically, it seemed to us that all the fun of Larnaca is localized in this place. And most of the fans of this beach are young people, and those who like to lie on a sun lounger, then go to have a cocktail at the bar and dance a little.

Sports playground

For those who go in for sports and try to train even while on vacation, there is a sports ground with horizontal bars for pull-ups and places for push-ups. Of course, this is not a gym, but you can work out with your weight here without any problems.

Mackenzie Beach at different times of the day. How is it?

In the morning, the beach is empty, so you can enjoy privacy. There will be mainly only you, people who decided to have breakfast in the restaurants and the same as you, those who love the morning sea.

At lunchtime, people have already dined and come to swim, sunbathe. Therefore, it is very crowded here until evening. All sun-beds are occupied and it is difficult to pass between them. But the sea at this time is warm and pleasant.

In the evening it gets a little colder and people start to disperse. They go for dinner at restaurants near the beach or home to relax after the heat of the day.

What makes it special?

If we consider the Larnaca beaches, then this beach is special because here, as we said earlier, there is an airport nearby and you can see the runway. Here you can sit on a sunbed, look at the sea, and watch how the planes land. Very beautiful, in our opinion.

And perhaps also the nightlife at Mackenzie Beach. It looks nice to dance with the sea view. Then take a cocktail, walk to the water, wet your feet, fool around, sit on a sunbed and look at the moon and the sea, and all this with the sound of music, somewhere in the background, fun.

Larnaca beaches. Street with restaurants near Mackenzie beach
Larnaca beaches. Street with restaurants near Mackenzie beach

Larnaca beaches: Finikoudes beach

This is also a city beach with volcanic sand. Therefore, the color of the sand is a little grayish. The sea here is shallower than on Mackenzie Beach, so you can not be afraid to send children into the water. Date palms are planted along this beach. By the way, because of this, its name is Finikoudes.

Where is it?

Finikoudes Beach is located in the center of the town’s coastline. It is located between the old and city ports of Larnaca. It is a small beach and can be easily seen walking along the promenade.

Restaurants and cafes near the beach

Coming to this beach, you will definitely not be hungry. There is a large selection of restaurants, cafes with different cuisines and different price categories. You can even grab a snack at KFC if you are hungry for spicy chicken wings or go to McDonald’s. You can also eat sushi, Cypriot, Greek, American, or Italian cuisine. There is also a bar at the beach where you can buy drinks.

For children, there are many stalls with sweets near the beach. Here you can order pancakes, popcorn, or sweet hot corn.

Sports activities at the beach

There are places for volleyball games. People can often be seen running along the waterfront. After all, who refuses to run on such a flat road, without any obstacles and overlooking the sea. We cannot write anything about the sports ground, since we have not seen it on the territory of the beach, but maybe it is there. But next to the beach, there is a sports ground with different exercise machines for all muscle groups.

Finikoudes beach at different times of the day

In the morning it is empty and not crowded, you can see how people run along the embankment, and how establishments open. It’s a great time to have your morning coffee and enjoy the sea view.

At lunchtime, when the heat sets in and the water get very hot, people fill the beach and take all the sun loungers.

In the evening, sun loungers float and people come to play volleyball. Those restaurants that were closed begin to work, the music turns on. Tourists move to the embankment for a walk and fill all the streets.

What makes it special?

Finikoudes beach is special because it is located near the tourist street of the city, near the promenade. Its convenient location attracts all tourists. You will see for yourself if you decide to stay in Larnaca.

Larnaca beaches. Relaxed cat at the beach
Larnaca beaches. Relaxed cat at the beach

Castella beach

The small beach of Castella is also of volcanic sand and clear water. Quite clean. In the daytime, lifeguards are on duty here. Unfortunately, we do not know what to write about the beach. But we will try to tell you some important details in order to create a general idea about it.

Where is it?

This beach is located between Mackenzie and Finikoudes beaches. On the north end of the beach, there is a fishing boat dock and a yacht marina.

Restaurants and cafes near the beach

This place is mainly famous for having a large selection of places with Cypriot or Greek cuisine. Here you can also taste delicious fresh fish or meze in some of the taverns.

Useful information about the beach

This beach is small, about 400 meters long. We did not see any sports simulators, but there is a playground for children on the territory of the beach. It is located right next to the lifeguards. There is also parking near the beach if you want to come by car. As we have described before, there are many taverns. They are waiting for visitors for lunch or dinner and will delight them with their delicious dishes. 

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