Cyprus Casinos – C2

In the southern part of Cyprus, there are casinos just of one company (C2). Melco Group develops this Cypriot C2 casino brand. This means that having come to any of them, you can expect the same service. Their rules are also all the same. You can visit C2 Cyprus Casinos in almost every major city … Read more

Casino in Cyprus: Everything you need to know

As you already know, there are many different kinds of entertainment in Cyprus. So let’s pay attention to the casino in Cyprus. You can visit them both in southern Cyprus and in the Turkish part of Cyprus. Most of them are located close to hotels, making it easy for visitors to come and spend time … Read more

Larnaca beaches

On the coastline of this city, you can see three sandy Larnaca beaches. Each of them is unique and awaits its guests. They have one thing in common, this is that they are considered city beaches, so there will be many restaurants, cafes, and clubs next to them. It is also very easy to get … Read more

The best water parks in Cyprus: the ultimate guide

It is September already, but it’s still summertime in Cyprus. So, the water parks are open. But, what water park should you go to? You can find many of them in Cyprus that have different slides and attractions for all ages. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose which water park … Read more