Special Kebab House in Cyprus

All places in Cyprus are special in their own way. This restaurant is special because its owner is a woman from Georgia. And to sum it all up, Special Kebab House is a Cypriot restaurant with a Georgian soul.


There is not much information on the Internet about Special Kebab House and we will try to fix it. Let’s start with the atmosphere in the restaurant.

Special Kebab House in Larnaca, Cyprus
Special Kebab House in Larnaca, Cyprus

The atmosphere in Special Kebab House

Special Kebab House is located in the center of Larnaca, where every day, especially in the summer, there are a lot of tourists and residents of the city. Also on the street where the restaurant is located, cars drive. It would seem that the place is not very quiet, but nevertheless, thanks to the successful location of the restaurant, you will not notice the noise from passers-by and cars.

It is located in a secluded corner of the house.

The building of the restaurant is a small house with huge windows and doors. In summer, these windows are open, but in winter they are closed with a thick film.

Inside of Special Kebab House, Cyprus
Inside of Special Kebab House, Cyprus

The interior here is very simple, but it is clear that the hostess tried. It feels like she did everything to her liking without special designers because the main goal of this place is to feed people deliciously.

Closer to Christmas, they put up a Christmas tree decorated with New Year’s toys, hang garlands and all that. And at this time it becomes even more atmospheric. Especially in December. When it starts to get colder in Cyprus and a strong wind rises, then sitting in the Special Kebab House, eating homemade moussaka or khachapuri is a pleasure.

In wintertime, we often went here with friends to escape the windy weather and eat delicious food.


The owner of this restaurant is from Georgia, she is the waiter, she is the cook. She is very kind and friendly. This woman is trying to make you like everything so that you feel comfortable and tasty. In addition to the Cypriot dishes that are listed on the menu, she can cook something with Georgian dishes if you order it in advance.

During our visits, we were sometimes on our own and sometimes with friends who are vegan. Then no one was left hungry, everyone went home full. The hostess did everything to have a lot of dishes on the table, but without meat, dairy products, and eggs.

Greek salad in Special Kebab House, Cyprus
Greek salad in Special Kebab House, Cyprus

The only thing to consider when coming here to eat is that you have to wait until your dish is ready. As we said before, the person who cooks is one, he and the waiter.

Here visitors speak English, Greek, Georgian and Russian. Menu for convenience in English and Russian. Apparently, there are more English and Russian-speaking guests.

Special Kebab House menu

Special Kebab House has all the famous Cypriot dishes: Greek salad, hummus, tzatziki, dolmades. Meat dishes such as kebabs, sheftalia, and moussaka. There are also soups. But, to be honest, we tried the mushroom soup and we didn’t really like it, so we don’t recommend ordering it.

Of the most delicious things that we liked here and we come here again and again, are sheftalia, tzatziki, and dolmades.

Sheftalia in Special Kebab House, Cyprus
Sheftalia in Special Kebab House, Cyprus

Sheftalia is cooked and really delicious on the grill. Sajiki here is cooked with cucumber and some finely chopped fresh mint leaves and is very refreshing. By the way, dolmades here are meatless and cold. Moussaka is served in a clay pot, which makes it even more special.

In general, our recommendation is to try sheftalia here together with tzatziki, which, in addition, perfectly complement each other.

The prices are standard as in Cyprus, you will pay a maximum of 10 euros for the main course.

Where is Special Kebab House 

The restaurant is located in the center of the old part of Larnaca, on the main street of sovereign shops and near the church of St. Lazarus. Special Kebab House is very easy to find. The address where you can search for it on Google maps is Pavlou Valsamaki 31, Larnaca. Unfortunately, the hostess maintains Instagram and Facebook, but there are no updates regarding the restaurant.

Starters in Special Kebab House, Cyprus
Starters in Special Kebab House, Cyprus

Special Kebab House opening hours

Google states that Special Kebab House is open 24 hours a day,

If so, it means that if you get hungry late in the evening, instead of going to McDonald’s, you can stop by here and order something more or less healthy and fresh.

Unfortunately, we did not specify the opening hours of the restaurant when we were there. We can’t confirm this as we weren’t here late. But we think that it is still open from 10:00 or 9:00 until the last visit or until 23:00.

You can read brief information about Special Kebab House on our Instagram.