Militzis – 1 restaurant to visit in Larnaca

A restaurant whose visitors are the Cypriots themselves, which is never empty, where very good dishes and prices do not bite. Everything here is simple, homemade, and incredibly tasty.

Restaurant Militzis
Restaurant Militzis

Atmosphere in Militzis

The restaurant is located near the sea. Sitting at a table, only a small road separates you. It is always full. It is noisy here, because here people eat with great appetites, rattle spoons and forks, chat, and laugh. In general, Cypriots are very fond of talking and they do it quite loudly, with emotions.

The Militzis restaurant is very large, with many tables. In the summer, all windows and doors are opened and an open restaurant is obtained.

Atmosphere in restaurant Militzis
Atmosphere in restaurant Militzis

Near the tables on the summer terrace, there are two huge clay ovens where all those delicious Cypriot dishes that you came here for are cooked. You can sit and watch your moussaka or baked potato come out of this oven.

Around the restaurant, there are many beautiful flowering trees and bushes that create the flavor of Cyprus. On its territory, there is also a windmill (pump for pumping water).


Oh, we can talk about the service for a very long time. In general, if this is not your first visit to a Cypriot restaurant on the island, you probably know what to expect from their service. And if this is your first restaurant, then read on and be prepared.

They are happy to serve you tasty food here. In Militzis they take and bring the order quickly, good people work here. Only now they may not say “hello” to you or wish you “bon appetit”, they may not be interested in how you are here, what you liked or not. For Militzis, the main thing is to give out dishes, the taste of which they are sure, as they have been tested for years on thousands of visitors.

The main thing is not to expect this from Militzis and everything will be fine because the people who work here do everything in their power to ensure that you are deliciously fed.

Militzis from inside
Militzis from inside

We recently had an unfortunate incident in Militzis. We ordered moussaka and young lamb skewers. As it turned out, this time the kebab from a young lamb consisted mainly of bones and there was nothing to eat. We called the waiter and pointed it out. The waiter very calmly offered to bring us additional pieces of meat. But that was not all. There were a couple of hairs in the moussaka.

We understand as people who cook that this can happen, but eating such a dish in a restaurant was unpleasant. We called the waiter again and showed him the reason. As a result, we were offered to bring another dish in return. Since we really wanted moussaka, and this piece was the last, we simply did not include it in the bill. In addition, before that, potatoes were excluded from the bill.

We hope this case will show you what kind of service this restaurant has. For example, we got used to it for a long time, and now we are completely satisfied.

Menu in Militzis

The restaurant provides national Cypriot dishes.

It will probably be useful to know that all the dairy products that are used here in the dishes are homemade. For example, halloumi, feta, and yogurt.


Among the appetizers in the Militzis restaurant, you can order a vilage salad (Greek salad), grilled halloumi, sadziki, yogurt, olives, and tahini.

Greek or vilage salad is served here with homemade feta, delicious fresh vegetables, and dressed with olive oil.

Giant beans
Giant beans

Grilled halloumi is cooked in the restaurant very tasty. Halloumi is a very delicate cheese, not at all salty, as is often served in other restaurants. It is served hot. It is very easy to cut such cheese, it is very soft.

Yogurt is good to order as a sauce for grilled meat, pilaf, or potatoes. It is served in special clay pots. Here you can order a small or large pot of yogurt.

Grilled dishes

If we talk about meat dishes that are cooked on the grill in the Militzis restaurant, we can talk for a long time and only about good things.

List of grilled dishes:

  • young lamb skewers
  • pork skewers
  • pork skewers marinated in wine
  • chicken skewers
Young lamb
Young lamb

Our recommendation is to try the young lamb skewers. He’s perfect here. All pieces of meat are well cooked and soft with streaks of fat. Everything, in general, was as expected :).

Dishes from the oven

On the territory of the restaurant, there are two large clay ovens in which these dishes are prepared. When ordering a dish from the oven, you are given a choice of a side dish or salad. You can order potatoes from the oven, french fries, pilaf, or a vilage salad.

Among the dishes cooked in the oven, in the Militzis restaurant you can order:

  • lamb kleftiko
  • veal kleftiko
  • tavas
  • potato
  • kefalaki
  • moussaka
  • giant bean

Our favorites are moussaka, potatoes, and giant beans.

Potatoes are prepared here peeled but without cutting, immediately whole. It is baked in the oven for a long time with a large amount of oil. As a result, the potatoes are soft, slightly fatty, and with a pleasant baked smell and taste.

The moussaka in Militzis is probably the best moussaka we had in Cyprus. All vegetables (potatoes, eggplant, zucchini) are thinly sliced ​​and neatly laid out in layers. Inside, between the layers of vegetables is a juicy layer of bolognese sauce. And the whole building is completed by a thick layer of bechamel sauce. Moussaka looks very appetizing and tastes just as delicious. It turns out they are moderately salty. Vegetables are cooked and become soft. Bechamel sauce muffles the tomato bolognese sauce with a slightly delicate creamy taste. Perfect.

If you are a meat lover, you might like kleftiko. This is a large piece of meat on the bone, which is cooked for a very long time in the oven. After that, the meat becomes very soft, easily separated, and slides along the bone.

Kefalaki is a whole head of a lamb. To be honest, we have not tried it and have not seen one of the guests at the table, so we do not know what to tell you about this dish.

Giant beans are a good meat alternative. They are cooked in tomato sauce, with carrots and onions. It turns out very tasty, soft beans in a large amount of sauce.

Homemade meals

Of the homemade dishes, here are ravioli with halloumi cheese, various pork sausages, and aspic (something like aspic).

Restaurant Militzis. Ravioli with halloumi
Restaurant Militzis. Ravioli with halloumi

To be honest, we don’t really like Cypriot sausages, so we didn’t order them here, but we love ravioli. The Militzis restaurant cooks them quite tasty, home-style. If you have already tried everything here, then we would advise you to try this dish. Or, for example, if you come with children. Ravioli with cheese, is warm, and easy to eat, and we think it will be good for a child.


Drinks are easy here. There is water, alcohol, coffee, and tea. In the restaurant, you can also order homemade wine, which is often cheaper than bottled wine. We tried red – it was delicious.

The location

The restaurant is located in the center of Larnaca, near the sea. Its location is really good. The exact address of the restaurant is Piale pasha 42, Larnaca 6029 Cyprus.

The short information about Militzis on our Instagram.

Working hours of Militzis

The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday, from 11:30 to 23:30.

If you plan to come on a Sunday, we advise you to book a table in advance, as on this day the Militzis restaurant is especially full of guests.