Cyprus Potatoes – What is so special about them?

When it comes to the world of culinary delights, Cyprus is not only famous for its sunny beaches and rich history but also for something a bit more unexpected – its potatoes. Cyprus potatoes are not your average spuds; they’re a source of pride and a staple in Cypriot cuisine. You will find them in … Read more

Best smoothie in Molos Seaside cafe-bar in Ayia Napa

Molos Seaside cafe-bar is a great place to relax, drink a delicious cocktail, watch the iguanas that run around here, and go further to enjoy the sea, hot sand, and hot sun. Especially perfect to visit during July or August, when the weather is extremely hot in Cyprus. Check the weather in Cyprus in July … Read more

The best Italian restaurant in Larnaca. DIVINUS vs Pizzeria 485°

As we wrote earlier, in one of our articles about Italian pizza, this is not the most common dish on the island. And finding a good Italian restaurant here in Larnaca is not easy. You can take a look and read our experience with finding Italian pizza, maybe it will be useful to you somehow. … Read more

Best Italian pizza in Cyprus

Italian pizza in Cyprus, as it turned out, is a very rare occurrence. And good Italian pizza is even rarer. Before finally trying Italian pizza, we tried various others: both in Cypriot taverns and just in chain restaurants. We cannot say that such pizzas are bad, they are just different. But let’s talk about everything … Read more

Adana kebab at GOMŞU

If you have been to North Cyprus and have not tried adana kebab, we can assume that you have not fully learned the cuisine of this part of the island. Adana kebab is one of the most popular dishes in North Cyprus. And there are many variations of its performance. Having tasted adana kebab in … Read more

Turkish street food in Cyprus. In “Bendo Street Döner”

Turkish street food in North Cyprus is something that can be found at every turn. In our opinion, it will not be difficult to find something to eat on the streets of Northern Cyprus. But finding good street food that is both tasty and beautiful is not easy. It is also not easy to find … Read more

Turkish food in Cyprus: Turkish dishes, kebabs & desserts

Turkish cuisine is a varied cuisine influenced by Turks from all regions of the country. Residents in northern Cyprus have their own Turkish food as well as some Turkish delicacies. In this article, we will talk about Turkish cuisine in Cyprus and what you can find there. We will also cover Turkish desserts and drinks. … Read more

Cyprus food: tasty and traditional

When you are living in Cyprus for quite some time, you start to feel like a local and you want to discover more about the culture and traditions that this island hosts. One of the most popular ways people get into Cypriot cuisine is by trying out traditional dishes such as Sheftalia, Kleftiko, or Moussaka. … Read more