Weather in Cyprus in July: 1 month of heat

The weather in Cyprus in July is ideal for a beach holiday, for a holiday in the sea. July in Cyprus is beautiful if you are a heat lover :).


As for us, the weather in Cyprus in July is too hard to bear. This is probably the most difficult month of the year. You have to sleep under the air conditioner, and during the day you stay at home or in a cafe, in a cool room, so that at least a little strength remains to work somehow. But this is us. We remember how it is to come to a warm country for a couple of weeks and even enjoy such weather, because at home in the summer it is either cold or rainy. Therefore, we hope that you will enjoy and enjoy.

The weather in Cyprus in July
The weather in Cyprus in July

What is the weather like in Cyprus in July?

The temperature in Cyprus in July rises high, and the humidity increases, so the heat is felt even more. Although the sun bakes, the heat is felt different than in Egypt. Egypt is mostly windy and dry, while the weather in Cyprus is humid in July. It just feels like moisture is in the air. When there is no wind, it can be difficult to breathe, like in a bathhouse.

This does not mean that the weather in Cyprus in July is terrible, no, it’s just like that. Some people love this kind of weather. Also, if you spend all day in the water or under the air conditioner, or fan – everything will be fine. Or even if you are traveling to Cyprus in a cheerful company, then, for example, a little wine will reduce the feeling of heat :D. But it is not exactly.

  • As a rule: Sunny and hot!
  • Day temperature: 32-42°C
  • Night temperature: 25-35°C
  • Water temperature: 20-26°C
  • Sun: 100% sunny.
  • Sunset: at 20:30

Weather in Cyprus in July at night

At night, the weather in Cyprus in July is often the same as during the day. The temperature doesn’t drop very low. If there is wind, then it is a little cooler outside, and if not, then it is still hot. Good thing the sun doesn’t shine at night :D.

The weather in Cyprus in July at night
The weather in Cyprus in July at night

Sea in Cyprus in July

July is one of those months of the year when you just need to enjoy the sea in Cyprus. It is very hot outside, so even if you are not a water lover, your body will simply pull you into the water.
In some places, the water in the sea is warm as tea, in others it is very cold, if you swim for a long time, you can cool down to goosebumps. But as soon as you go to the beach, your body will instantly warm up :).

The weather in Cyprus in July. The sea
The weather in Cyprus in July. The sea

What clothes to bring to Cyprus in July

Surely you know what to take with you when you head to a warm country, but we can write a couple of additions from ourselves.

Light, summer clothes, a pair of shirts to cover the shoulders from the sun – this is the basis. Everything else is up to you and depends on your plans.

Of course, we advise you to take panama hats, caps, and hats that will protect you from the sun, but not too tight, as the scalp also sweats. Also take light shoes with you, free – from the heat, the legs become a little larger and require space.

Be sure to take flip-flops with you to the beach, as the sand is very hot and burns the feet, no exaggeration.
If you are planning a trip on ATVs, then, of course, we would advise you to take comfortable closed shoes on your own to protect your feet.

The weather in Cyprus in July. Night life
The weather in Cyprus in July. Night life

What to do in this weather in Cyprus in July

July and August are the hottest and heaviest months. Why heavy? Because the heat affects our condition, people become less mobile and a little lazy. Activity occurs when you get into a cold room or it’s windy and a little easier to breathe, or when you’re in the sea or in a pool. Of course, we write about our feelings, but we also try to describe our observations of people.

Honestly, because of the weather in Cyprus in July, you count every step you take when you go to the store or somewhere else during the day, so as not to walk under the sun for a very long time. We also try to wake up early to catch a little coolness.

Therefore, all entertainment depends on your activity in such weather.

In general, you can rent a quad bike and ride around the city or take a tour. You ride through the villages, over the hills. This may seem more interesting. You will also be able to ride there at high speeds, which is not advisable to do on the roadway.

You can go to see the turtles, namely the release of children of turtles into the water.

Turtles in Cyprus, Larnaca
Turtles in Cyprus, Larnaca

All water activities will also come in handy at this time of the year: visiting water parks, diving, snorkeling, fishing, riding a pleasure boat, visiting the Blue Lagoon, and water caves.

We strongly advise you during such weather in Cyprus in July to go to the Troodos mountains at this time. The temperatures there are 10 degrees lower than the standard in Cyprus, the air is fresh, and there is a lot of shade and trees. We are sure you will like it there. And to get away from the heat for at least a couple of hours would be great. The other day we also went there and now we are thinking about how to live in August in the mountains :).

You can also plan all events and meetings for the evening. You can watch people go for a walk after sunset. Playgrounds are also starting to come to life. At night, life comes to the streets of cities. People go to restaurants and nightclubs.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables in Cyprus in July

In July in Cyprus, you can enjoy many fruits:

  • watermelons – the season of watermelons continues and lasts until the end of summer
Watermelon in Cyprus in July
Watermelon in Cyprus in July
  • melons – compared to June, melons in July are already riper, juicy
  • grapes – the grape season begins.
  • apricots – they are sweet, and juicy here. When buying apricots, it is better to eat them immediately, as they quickly deteriorate.
Apricots in Cyprus
Apricots in Cyprus
  • nectarines and peaches – in Cyprus you will see many different varieties of peaches in the store, we advise you to try fig peaches, these are our favorites

If we are talking about vegetables, then we advise you to try local tomatoes, it is very tasty like a grandmother’s, from the garden.

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