Weather in Cyprus in February

The weather in Cyprus in February is conducive to relaxing at home, near the fireplace, in good company, with delicious wine or tea. In such weather, it would be nice to eat moussaka and halloumi on the grill.


Get to know Cypriot cuisine.

The temperature in Cyprus in February?

February is the coldest month in Cyprus and is also as unpredictable as March. The weather in Cyprus in February is very windy and not very pleasant for walking. But still, there are good days when the wind is not strong, the sun is shining and you can already walk in shorts and without outerwear.

Weather in Cyprus in February
Weather in Cyprus in February

If you look at the temperature during the turning of the day, it seems that everything is not so bad and it is, as if there is no wind.

  • Typically: 50/50 rainy and sunny
  • Day temperature: 13-23 °C
  • Night temperature: 5-13 °C
  • Water temperature: 18-20°С
  • Sunny days: 23-24 sunny days
  • Rain: 6-8 rainy days. Rain continues for a couple of hours
  • Clouds: about 4 cloudy days
  • Sunset: at 18:00

Nights in Cyprus in February

The nights in February are cold. The weather in Cyprus in February does not allow us to sleep with the windows open. We even have to heat the house. Everyone heats in a different way. We heat it up with either an air conditioner or a heater. A heater is better, but it’s a much more expensive option.

For such nights, if you are planning a trip to Cyprus in February, it is better to take warm pajamas, socks, and slippers. To be completely comfortable.

Weather in Cyprus in February. The rest with friends
Weather in Cyprus in February. The rest with friends

When choosing apartments in Cyprus for a trip in February, we advise you to look at options where there is a bathroom and preferably with gas water heating. Then it will be possible to warm up after a walk in a hot bath and at the same time not very expensive.

Although it is cool outside, it is sunny, and in order to save on electricity that you will use to heat the room, as well as just for comfort, we advise you to choose an apartment whose windows face the sunny side. An apartment with a balcony or terrace would also be ideal.

In general, if you are already going to rest, then choose everything that is most comfortable for you in order to get full pleasure. And apartments with a balcony or a terrace or an open roof will help you, we are sure.

Water temperature in Cyprus in February

The sea temperature in Cyprus at this time of the year is approximately 19 °C. Not what you expect from a warm country, huh? Such a frenzy.

To say that people do not swim at all would not be true. There are people who enjoy it, especially in the morning, those who play sports.

February sea. Limassol, Cyprus
February sea. Limassol, Cyprus

For us, the weather in Cyprus in February is quite cold and the water in the sea is very refreshing. In general, we are not ready for such extreme activities :D.
How to prepare for a trip to Cyprus in February

For a trip to Cyprus in February, you will need a lot of warm clothes, but you can take shorts and a shirt or T-shirt for very hot days.

Do not forget also a hat, scarf, and possibly gloves, and a jacket. It is desirable that it be of the type of windbreaker. Since you will have to defend yourself more from the wind than from the cold.

For people whose skin is delicate and sensitive to the external environment, it is quickly weathered, we advise you to take a moisturizer. Although you can also buy it here. There are a lot of cosmetics with natural composition in Cyprus. Or you can even just buy coconut oil and hydrate your body with it.

Weather in Cyprus in February. The cat
Weather in Cyprus in February. The cat

Take comfortable walking shoes as February is a good month for this.

Also, an umbrella will not be superfluous, although at this time of the year you can buy it at any tourist kiosk.

Weather in Cyprus in February: What to do?

The most common activity in Cyprus in February is long walks, visiting restaurants, historical sites, and museums. You can call this period of the year cozy cultural and educational. Since if you spend time at home, then it is in comfort, under a blanket. And if you walk, then where, no matter how long the various old streets of cities (Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos, etc.) or visiting various interesting places.

Cozy February in Cyprus
Cozy February in Cyprus

To be honest, we don’t know what else to do at this time. The weather in Cyprus in February is so-so. Sometimes you don’t even want to go outside, you order food from a restaurant to your house so as not to freeze once again.

Seasonal fruits in Cyprus in February

In February, citrus fruits such as oranges, pomelo, tangerines, and limes can be expected in Cyprus. The lemon is probably not worth mentioning, as it grows here all year round.

The pomegranate season is also ending and at the beginning of February, you can still have time to buy them.