Weather in Cyprus in August: continued heat

Heat, heat, unbearable heat. This is how briefly I can describe the weather in Cyprus in August. Definitely not our favorite, but we will tell and share so that you know too.


What’s the weather like in Cyprus in August

Throughout August, the temperature is constant. All month long, looking out the window, the picture will be the same. The good thing is that you get the maximum amount of vitamin D. Also, due to the lack of rain, planning becomes much easier. In August, always clear skies await you, without a single cloud.

The weather in Cyprus in August. Morning sun
The weather in Cyprus in August. Morning sun

Weather in Cyprus in August for holidays

If you have come on vacation and plan to spend almost the entire vacation lying on the beach by the pool or by the sea and without leaving the hotel – ideal. To be honest, from July to September is really a great time for such a holiday.

The August heat at first certainly pleases. After all, having arrived in Cyprus, we dreamed of a large number of sunny days a year, of warm weather. We were already in Cyprus before, as tourists, just at the end of July – the beginning of August. Everything was great. It was warm, you don’t even feel the heat that much, since you are always at the air conditioner or near the water. We were not very active, mostly lying on the beach, relaxing.

The weather in Cyprus in August. The cat in window
The weather in Cyprus in August. The cat in window

Our hotel was in Protaras. In the evening we sometimes went to Ayia Napa for a walk. And I’ll tell you even in the evening it was good. In general, we were in holiday mode. And it’s a great time for tourists.

Weather in Cyprus in August for living

Living here, such a temperature is already perceived differently. Very hot.

If you open the window, there will be no fresh air. The air is hot during the day, and in the evening it also becomes humid. Therefore, even a walk in the evening is not refreshing. The best time to walk is early in the morning. At this time of day, it is fresh and good. And as soon as the sun rises, it starts to bake.

The weather in Cyprus in August. Local figs
The weather in Cyprus in August. Local figs

Our air conditioning worked day and night. Sometimes they even left it on when they went for a walk so that when they came home, they would enjoy the coolness.

It was difficult for us in August. There was some kind of lethargy, and constant fatigue due to the heat. But again, this is just our experience. Maybe it will be different for you :).

The temperature in Cyprus in August

  • Weather: Sunny and hot!
  • Sunny days: Every day is sunny.
  • Rain: 0 days.
  • Day temperature: 33-43°C
  • Water temperature: 24-28°C
  • Sunset: 20:00.
The weather in Cyprus in August. Running in the morning
The weather in Cyprus in August. Running in the morning

Such a welcome sea in Cyprus in August

The sea and air conditioning are what more or less saves you from the crazy heat on the island in August. During this period of time, you can not count on the shade.

The water in the sea heats up to 28 degrees Celsius, and sometimes even more in small areas. You can refresh yourself before lunch, then the water temperature rises. And some beaches feel like you’re taking a warm bath rather than a refreshing shower.

The beaches are crowded in August. A lot of tourists come and the locals do not mind freshening up.

Juicy and sweet watermelon, Cyprus, Larnaca.
Juicy and sweet watermelon, Cyprus, Larnaca.

In order to cool down, we recommend visiting Fig Tree beach, and in order to swim in the hot water – the beaches in the northern part of Cyprus.

Nightlife in Cyprus in August

Since it becomes unrealistic to work, walk, and generally do something because of the heat during the day, people transfer all their affairs to the evening. Therefore, during the day the city is empty. Everyone is mostly at the beach. But going out late at night on the street you will see crowds of people.

At night, the air temperature is still very high, but a little easier without the sun.

Nightlife in Cyprus in August boils and rages. People go out for dinner, meet friends, walk with children. Suddenly, all the playgrounds are overflowing with kids.

What clothes to take with you on vacation during the weather in Cyprus in August

The best answer to this question would be – no clothes. Since it is very hot in Cyprus in August, the less you wear something, the easier it will be for you.

Sunrise, Oroklini Hills, Cyprus
Sunrise, Oroklini Hills, Cyprus

We advise you to take light sundresses and dresses for girls. For men, light shirts, and shorts. It is preferable to take clothes made from natural fabrics, for example, linen, and cotton, so that your skin can breathe. Expect to spend most of your vacation by the sea on the beach, so swimwear and swimming clothes are what should prevail in your wardrobe.

In general, it seems to us that if you fly to Cyprus in August, you can save on luggage. All clothes are super light, almost weightless.

You will definitely not need jackets, sweaters, trousers, or sneakers. It’s really redundant. It is better to take with you masks and snorkels with you :). Also, don’t forget to wear hats to protect yourself from the scorching sun.

That’s all.

Seasonal fruits

Despite the weather in Cyprus in August, the island is pleases with a large number of delicious fruits. This is the season of watermelons, melons, mangoes, and plums. We highly recommend that you try watermelons and melons here. They are very tasty, juicy, and insanely sweet in Cyprus. To be honest, in such a heat, you don’t really want to eat normal food. Just not enough strength and energy to digest everything. But watermelon and melon – that’s great.

The weather in Cyprus in August. Local mango
The weather in Cyprus in August. Local mango