Limassol: Business center of Cyprus

The beautiful city of Limassol. It is not famous as a beach town, but it is still attractive for tourists. We would say that Limassol is the most modern city on the island and walking around Limassol is a pleasure. Basic information about Limassol The city is located in the southernmost part of Cyprus between … Read more

Ayia Napa: Everything for tourists in one city

Ayia Napa is a holiday city for all categories of people. It is for those who want a relaxing family vacation, as well as for those who like noisy parties. There are many beautiful beaches, white sand, and crystal clear waters. This city also provides its visitors with a water park, an amusement park, and … Read more

Paphos: Is it that special?

Paphos is one of the most prestigious cities in the Mediterranean. It does not pretend to be the noisiest city for the sharpest. You won’t find a lot of parties here. Come to Paphos for a relaxing break. Here you will find elite hotels and first-class restaurants, many museums, and historical sites. Information about Paphos … Read more

Famagusta: Desired city for conquerors

Famagusta is a very beautiful city, it will delight you with delicious food and old buildings, and ancient architecture, and sandy beaches with insanely warm water. Here is everything about why people travel to Cyprus! Basic information about the city Famagusta is located on the southeast coast of the island. The population of the city … Read more

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus for 2 countries

Nicosia is an interesting city in Cyprus, one might even say unique. Since Nicosia is the border between the Republic of Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus. Thus, being in only one city, you can immediately feel the atmosphere of Greece and Turkey. Well, not wonderful :)? General information about the city Nicosia is the capital of … Read more

Kyrenia (Girne): history, location, and attractions.

There is probably no place in Cyprus that we didn’t like. Maybe it’s because we are trying to accept everything as it is, without expecting something special. Here is the same situation with Kyrenia. We went to Kyrenia to see the beach with turtles. Turtle Beach is located near this town. It has such a … Read more

Larnaca, Cyprus. What to know about the city

Larnaca is the third-largest city in Cyprus. It’s located on the southern coast of Cyprus. This is an important tourist center in Europe, especially because it’s one of the biggest ports on this continent. Larnacians are known for their hospitality and strong character. They care about maintaining traditions but at the same time, they’re open … Read more