Airports in Cyprus: Which one to choose

When you are planning a trip to Cyprus, it will be useful for you to know that there are three international airports in Cyprus: Paphos Airport and Larnaca International Airport (both located in the south) and Ercan airport (in the northern part of Cyprus). The best thing about this solution is that it allows getting to your destination much faster as there’s only a short distance between two points.


Larnaca airport and Paphos airport are Hermes Airports in Cyprus, so you can rest assured that the airports are very well developed and meet all modern standards.

Airports in Cyprus. Flight with WizzAir from Larnaca airport
Airports in Cyprus. Flight with WizzAir from Larnaca airport

Available airports in Cyprus

Paphos airport

Paphos airport is located about 34 km from Paphos and 110km to Larnaca. The most popular destination for flights is Greece (for example, Athens) and the United Kingdom. The airport has only one terminal and it’s open from 05:00 to 24:00.

The main advantage of Paphos is that you can easily reach it by public transport (bus, taxi ). There are also many car rental companies offering cars for rent at the airport with a driver who speaks different languages if needed.

Larnaca airport

Larnaca Airport is one of the largest airports in Cyprus. Despite being located about 34 km away from Larnaсa’s center, it’s easy to get there by bus (airport-city center route), taxi or car. The Larnaсa airport is open from 06:00 to 00:30 and is divided into two parts. The first part includes the check-in area, boarding gates, and VIP lounges. Passengers are welcomed by a duty-free shop in this zone.

The second terminal has all the basic services (luggage storage, currency exchange desk). It’s also possible to rent a car or book a transfer to the city center.

Ercan airport

The Ercan Airport is located in Northern Cyprus, about 25km from North Nicosia and 30 km away from Kyrenia (the main tourist destination in this part of the island).

You can fly to Ercan airport only on Turkish Airlines. Because this airport accepts flights only from Turkey.

Though Ercan airport is small you can use the city bus to get there from Lefkosa or catch a taxi. There are also many local taxis at the airport who usually speak English well enough if needed. As it’s located near Kyrenia, taking a taxi to Kyrenia is also an option.

Airports in Cyprus. Leaving Larnaca
Airports in Cyprus. Leaving Larnaca

Answers to the main questions about airports in Cyprus

Is there free Wi-Fi in airports in Cyprus?

Larnaca international airport and Paphos international airport have a free Wi-Fi connection. And we can approve that it works great. We found it’s very important for travelers, as you can use it to plan your trip before you go, send a message or call someone.

Are the airports 24/7?

The airport in Larnaca is open from 06:00 to 00:30. As for Paphos Airport – it’s working from 05:00 till 24:00.

So, we can say that the airports in Cyprus are almost open 24 hours a day and it’s possible to go through passport control any time you need. But if you have an early morning or late night flight – it will be more comfortable for you to check-in beforehand as there may be long queues at immigration.

Can I charge my phone in airports?

Yes! There is definitely such a possibility at both Paphos airport and Larnaca international airport. Just remember that Cyprus has a different plugin so you will need an adapter. You can also buy this adapter here, in one of the duty-free shops, just search for something about electronics and you will find a lot of adapters there. We love this because it shows how hospitable Cyprus is for travelers.

Can I eat at the Cyprus airports?

Yes, you can! Both airports have a great variety of local and international dishes on their menus so don’t worry about that. You can also eat something before your departure as there are few shops where you will find various snacks and drinks.

What are the prices in restaurants in airports? 

The prices are a little bit higher than outside of the airports, so, to save some money, we recommend you buy some snacks before you will get to the airports.

Is there a playground for children in the airports in Cyprus?

If you are traveling with children it will not be a problem for you to keep them entertained at Cyprus airports. There are many playgrounds for children so your kids can play before the flight or after it.

Can I buy souvenirs at the airports?

Yes, you can! There are many shops where you will find local souvenirs or postcards with the Cyprus flag on them, olives, olive oil, in general, everything that Cyprus is famous for. So you will definitely find something for yourself and your friends. In more detail, about what to bring from Cyprus, we wrote an article, come in, please, and read :).

Airports in Cyprus. Departure in Larnaca airport
Airports in Cyprus. Departure in Larnaca airport

Can I take my pet to Cyprus airport?

Yes, you can! You will need an international passport for pets. It’s also possible to check your pet in as cargo if it weighs less than 30kg. But be careful with this because the prices may vary a lot (from 200€ up). So make sure that you will find the best option for you.

Is there a police station at the airports in Cyprus?

No, unfortunately not. But if it’s needed to call one of the emergency services, you can always ask the airport staff to help.

Is there any pharmacy or medical room in Cyprus airports?

There is a Medlife pharmacy at Paphos international airport and Larnaca International Airport has an Onofrio Pharmacy which means that both of them have everything you may need in case if something happens to you

How much time does it take from the airport to the city center?

It depends on which part of Cyprus you are in: Larnaca and Paphos have different ways to travel from the airport to the city center. In all cases – there will be a public bus, taxi, or airport transfer.

Is there a shuttle from the airport?

Yes! There is such a possibility in all two international airports in Cyprus – Paphos, and Larnaca (airport-city center). The price is between €12 and €18.

Is there a free shuttle from the airport?

Unfortunately, no, but if you have some problems with your luggage or need to get somewhere fast – we recommend using taxi services that are available at the airports 24/7 all year round.

How do I get to Ayia Napa? 

If you are staying in Ayia Napa and don’t have a car, the most convenient airport for you will be Larnaka. It takes about an hour to get there by bus or taxi.

How do I get to Protaras? 

We recommend coming to Larnaca airport because it will take about one hour to get to your hotel or apartment in Protaras.

How do I get to Nicosia? 

Nicosia is in the center of the island, so honestly, it does not matter which airport to choose in this case. But we would fly, I think, to Larnaca. The distance between Larnaca and Nicosia is about 100km, so it would take about an hour to get there by bus or taxi.

How do I get to Limassol? 

Limassol is a big city with many attractions and fun activities for everyone, so it’s not worth wasting time on transport when you can just take a taxi from the airport. The price will be about 15-20 euros one way! The nearest airport to Limassol is Paphos.

How do I get to Famagusta? 

If you are going to spend time in Famagusta, we recommend you to fly to Larnaca airport. As you know, Famagusta is in Turkish Cyprus (North Cyprus), so you need to pass one more passport control. More information about this we will describe in the article about North Cyprus.

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