Turkish street food in Cyprus. In “Bendo Street Döner”

Turkish street food in North Cyprus is something that can be found at every turn. In our opinion, it will not be difficult to find something to eat on the streets of Northern Cyprus. But finding good street food that is both tasty and beautiful is not easy. It is also not easy to find … Read more

Paphos: Is it that special?

Paphos is one of the most prestigious cities in the Mediterranean. It does not pretend to be the noisiest city for the sharpest. You won’t find a lot of parties here. Come to Paphos for a relaxing break. Here you will find elite hotels and first-class restaurants, many museums, and historical sites. Information about Paphos … Read more

North Cyprus. What is it really like?

North Cyprus or is also called Turkish Cyprus, or the Turkish part of Cyprus. This part of the island has many names and depends on who pronounces it. If they are tourists, then basically they do not worry about anything, they came here to rest and can use all three names. If this is a … Read more

Famagusta: Desired city for conquerors

Famagusta is a very beautiful city, it will delight you with delicious food and old buildings, and ancient architecture, and sandy beaches with insanely warm water. Here is everything about why people travel to Cyprus! Basic information about the city Famagusta is located on the southeast coast of the island. The population of the city … Read more

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus for 2 countries

Nicosia is an interesting city in Cyprus, one might even say unique. Since Nicosia is the border between the Republic of Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus. Thus, being in only one city, you can immediately feel the atmosphere of Greece and Turkey. Well, not wonderful :)? General information about the city Nicosia is the capital of … Read more

Cyprus border crossing: How to get there, Rules & More

Cyprus is a small country in the Eastern Mediterranean, and Cyprus borders are typically pretty straightforward. Cyprus has been divided into two parts since 1974 between Turkey and Greece. From that time the southern part of Cyprus belongs to Greek Cyprus while the north part belongs to Turkish Cyprus. We would advise visiting these two … Read more