Travel to North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is no less beautiful than southern Cyprus, and by visiting it you will be convinced of this. Firstly, in this part of the island are the Kyrenia Mountains, behind which is the very picturesque city of Kyrenia or Girne in Turkish. Also, the climate in this part of the island is slightly different, … Read more

Kyrenia (Girne): history, location, and attractions.

There is probably no place in Cyprus that we didn’t like. Maybe it’s because we are trying to accept everything as it is, without expecting something special. Here is the same situation with Kyrenia. We went to Kyrenia to see the beach with turtles. Turtle Beach is located near this town. It has such a … Read more

Turkish food in Cyprus: Turkish dishes, kebabs & desserts

Turkish cuisine is a varied cuisine influenced by Turks from all regions of the country. Residents in northern Cyprus have their own Turkish food as well as some Turkish delicacies. In this article, we will talk about Turkish cuisine in Cyprus and what you can find there. We will also cover Turkish desserts and drinks. … Read more

Cyprus Casinos – C2

In the southern part of Cyprus, there are casinos just of one company (C2). Melco Group develops this Cypriot C2 casino brand. This means that having come to any of them, you can expect the same service. Their rules are also all the same. You can visit C2 Cyprus Casinos in almost every major city … Read more

Casino in Cyprus: Everything you need to know

As you already know, there are many different kinds of entertainment in Cyprus. So let’s pay attention to the casino in Cyprus. You can visit them both in southern Cyprus and in the Turkish part of Cyprus. Most of them are located close to hotels, making it easy for visitors to come and spend time … Read more