Larnaca beaches

On the coastline of this city, you can see three sandy Larnaca beaches. Each of them is unique and awaits its guests. They have one thing in common, this is that they are considered city beaches, so there will be many restaurants, cafes, and clubs next to them. It is also very easy to get … Read more

Larnaca, Cyprus. What to know about the city

Larnaca is the third-largest city in Cyprus. It’s located on the southern coast of Cyprus. This is an important tourist center in Europe, especially because it’s one of the biggest ports on this continent. Larnacians are known for their hospitality and strong character. They care about maintaining traditions but at the same time, they’re open … Read more

The best water parks in Cyprus: the ultimate guide

It is September already, but it’s still summertime in Cyprus. So, the water parks are open. But, what water park should you go to? You can find many of them in Cyprus that have different slides and attractions for all ages. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose which water park … Read more

Cyprus food: tasty and traditional

When you are living in Cyprus for quite some time, you start to feel like a local and you want to discover more about the culture and traditions that this island hosts. One of the most popular ways people get into Cypriot cuisine is by trying out traditional dishes such as Sheftalia, Kleftiko, or Moussaka. … Read more

Airports in Cyprus: Which one to choose

When you are planning a trip to Cyprus, it will be useful for you to know that there are three international airports in Cyprus: Paphos Airport and Larnaca International Airport (both located in the south) and Ercan airport (in the northern part of Cyprus). The best thing about this solution is that it allows getting … Read more

Currency in Cyprus: info and advice

The official currency in Cyprus has been the euro since 2008 when it was adopted by South Cyprus. North Cyprus does not use the euro but instead uses the Turkish lira. We collected a few questions about currency and money that could be useful for you. Can I pay by card in Cyprus? In Cyprus, … Read more

Weather in Cyprus: shortly about 12 months in Cyprus

What is Cyprus weather like? Cyprus has a very warm Mediterranean climate, meaning it’s hot and dry in summer, yet milder in winter. Cyprus’s sunshine hours per year are more than 300 days in a row! North Cyprus also enjoys warm temperatures year-round but they don’t have the same variety of different seasons that South … Read more